A complete evaluation of health history and physical assessment will help give full insight to understand the cause and influence of the problem. During evaluation your prior history, posture, gait (pattern of locomotion), range of motion, orthopaedic testing will be considered. Sometimes previous medical imaging reports will be requested for you to provide from your Medical Doctor. These may include copies of reports such as Xray, CT scan and MRI. During your session attire should consist of gym shorts, tank top or sports bra. These sessions can require active participation and this will ensure comfortability during treatment.
The sessions will encompass a variety of techniques such as: Cranial Osteopathy- also known as "cranial sacral therapy" Myofascial Release- connective tissue release therapy Soft Tissue Release- addressing soft tissues dysfunction Muscle Energy Techniques- using the muscles as levers to realign joints and release soft tissues Strain Counterstrain Techniques-positional therapy to reduce ailments such as muscle spasm Stretching- to increase range of motion of soft tissue and joints Visceral Manipulation- gentle manipulation of organs and viscera. This is performed to improve connective tissue and structural mobility as well as physiological dysfunction. Osteo-Articular Mobilization- a gentle movement or mobilization to realign dysfunctional stuck or stiff joints. Functional Emergency- this name is a bit of a misnomer. These techniques are used to release a tissue or system in "lock down." A lock down that can create a functional disruption of how the body can adapt.
As daily activities may be contributing factors to dysfunction. Home care recommendations are often given to enhance your wellbeing and results of treatment. This may include such things as nutritional support, stretching, exercise, and heat/ice compress.

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